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FAQ about our diving courses in Bologna

Sure! There are several equalizing techniques, you just have to find the right one for you. Book a free trial for our diving courses in Bologna, we will explain these techniques and try them together in the pool.

To dive, it is not necessary to be an expert swimmer, some basic swimming skills are sufficient. Book a free trial of our diving courses in Bologna, we will evaluate your swimming level and, if necessary, will teach you the necessary techniques for diving. If you enroll in one of our courses you will also have the opportunity to use the swimming pool to train with us and improve your swimming skills with the help of our instructors.

It is not necessary. We have a lot of equipment at our club available to students free of charge for the duration of the courses. After the course ended, if you still need the diving equipment during our trips, you can rent each piece for € 5 and all pieces of the equipment for € 15.

Certainly, our club offers the possibility of making up for missed lessons and dives in the sea are scheduled according to the students' availability. We have a very busy schedule with dives in the sea that you can join if you cannot participate in those scheduled during the course.

The most suitable swimming pool in Bologna is the stadium swimming pool which is the only 5 meters deep pool in Bologna. All our courses take place in the stadium pool so to practice all the necessary exercises before diving in the sea.

You can follow a diving course in Sub Olimpia, you will make new friends, and have a lot of fun!


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Sub Olimpia diving courses in Bologna

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